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What Treatment Services Offers

Psychoanalytic Session With PatientOur treatment services are rooted in a commitment to alleviate human suffering, to understand the unique qualities of the individual, and to provide the highest level of professional expertise and care. The frequency and duration of treatment is determined based on careful assessment of individual needs and thoughtful collaborative dialogue with the patient.

As a Psychoanalytic Training Institute, we offer psychoanalysis when indicated, to both adults and children in the New York Metro Area and in the Greater Washington DC Region. The Institute’s Treatment Services are provided at a reduced fee. Some additional psychotherapy is also provided through our Psychotherapy Affiliates program.

For more information about our services in New York, please contact Loretta Hayes and in Washington, DC, please contact Lisa Schlesinger.

The Contemporary Freudian Society, which sponsors the Institute, also provides a full range of treatment services including psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults, parent guidance, couples treatment, and parent-infant treatment. Because the Society is committed to serving the needs of the public, it offers the highest quality treatment on a sliding fee scale.



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