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Treating Common Mental Health Issues

Woman with Blue EyesPeople come for psychotherapy for help in dealing with the difficulties of everyday life. Whether struggling with work related conflicts, frustration in fulfilling one’s ambitions, or interpersonal discord, one’s current level of achievement may not accurately reflect their aspiration. For some people, sadness, irritability or anxiety can be debilitating; for others, transition in role can be destabilizing, even if sometimes these transitions are precipitated by what we might consider to be happy events.

Psychotherapy is known to be helpful for issues like anxiety, depression, inhibitions of creativity and factors that may hinder successful functioning at work. Relationship discord, sexual problems, eating disorders, emotional use of alcohol and drugs, grief, loss, bereavement, and difficulty locating a sense of oneself as an active agent in the world are all appropriate reasons to seek help. Low self-esteem or self-critical tendencies may also lend themselves to good treatment. Sometimes difficulties can be traced to the past, and past problems can be revisited in the safety of the therapy relationship. Earlier trauma can get triggered by patterns that repeat in present relationships, creating psychological distress that can be understood in therapy.

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