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Contemporary Trends in Psychoanalytic Practice

Contemporary Trends in Psychoanalytic Practice is designed for the mental health professional who is interested in gaining a deeper grasp of the psychoanalytic approach to psychotherapy in order to provide patients with a more profound and sustaining psychotherapeutic experience.Contemporary Trends in Psychoanalytic Practice offers the opportunity to learn from practicing psychoanalysts about psychoanalytic principles and the ways that they are applied today.

This year-long program for mental health professionals offers an in-depth study of the theory and clinical practice of four central issues confronting the contemporary psychoanalytic/psychodynamic clinician. These areas of focus for 2015-16 are:

Feeling at Home with Key Psychoanalytic Concepts

Working in the Here and Now

Two Analysts, Two Perspectives


The twelve two-hour classes will be taught by members of the Contemporary Freudian Society. As such, each instructor will bring with them significant experience providing psychoanalysis, psychoanalytic psychotherapy and supervision. The course is intended for mental health professionals from all disciplines, as well as advanced graduate students in those fields.

Classes are held at the American University in the Tenleytown section of DC.

Tuition is $700 per year.

**Participants who later begin psychoanalytic training at the Contemporary Freudian Society will have their payment credited toward their first year’s tuition.

**In addition to receiving credit toward psychoanalytic training at the CFS, participants will earn 24 CE credits upon successful completion of this program

For further information, please contact Janet Shaye, PhD (202-296-1260 or

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