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Academic Associates Program

Our Institute’s Washington, DC Division is pleased to announce the start of our new Academic Associates Program.

Beginning with the 2015-16 academic year, this program offers interested professionals the opportunity to study psychoanalysis alongside candidates in the Adult Psychoanalytic Training Program, but without the clinical work with patients. As such, this option might be of particular interest to professionals in non-mental health disciplines, or mental health professionals who would like to study psychoanalysis without the extra demands involved in working with control cases.

Academic Associates will take the same first two years of adult psychoanalytic training coursework as clinical candidates. Upon completion of these two years of coursework, associates will write a paper integrating psychoanalysis with their relevant professional disciplines. At that time, a “Certificate of Psychoanalytic Studies” will be granted. As a non-clinical associate you would not be treating patients in psychoanalysis or engaging in clinical supervision. If you later decide to pursue clinical adult psychoanalytic training, you would then go through the admissions process.  If admitted, you would complete the final two years of coursework, along with the clinical requirements for control cases and supervision, and a personal training analysis. Although your own treatment is not required for Academic Associates, it is strongly recommended that you pursue psychoanalytic psychotherapy or psychoanalysis with a psychoanalyst. One’s personal treatment is an important component of learning about psychoanalysis.

To learn more about this training program, please contact either Ellen Klosson, PhD, DC Chair of Admissions ( or Janet Shaye, PhD, DC Institute Director (


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