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Foundations Program

Cartoon of analyst interpreting a fast food order.New Eight-Week Course

How we listen, what we listen for, and how we choose what to speak about are at the core of psychoanalytic practice and engagement with analysands.

Based on the investigation of clinical consultations and readings about first sessions, participants will have the opportunity to discuss how these initial encounters can stir “emotional turbulence” in both the analyst and the patient.

Psychoanalysis has a body of knowledge that informs our listening and our speech. In this eight-week course, participants will study some of these central psychoanalytic concepts. They will be introduced to an integrative approach that incorporates listening to both child and adult patients.  Within this framework, participants will learn to listen for and recognize different levels of anxieties, to hear evidence of unconscious fantasy in clinical material and in dreams, to discern the difference between symbolic communication and concrete communication and to recognize transference phenomena and their own counter-transference reactions.

This course qualifies for 12 Continuing Education Contact Hours.

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