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Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Alert woman sitting with her therapist talking to her in a private sessionThe Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program of the Contemporary Freudian Society was specifically developed to meet the career challenges and training needs of today’s clinicians.  Our curriculum uses the framework of the life cycle and a developmental perspective, and provides a sound theoretical foundation in the various psychodynamic models of the mind.  By integrating theory with our courses on practice and technique, our graduates emerge with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of psychodynamic thinking and practice.

Our program consists of eight courses over a two year period.  Classes meet once per week on Monday evenings, and are held in the offices of our distinguished faculty.  Weekly supervision is provided at no additional cost with highly qualified members of the CFS.  Each of our students is also assigned a mentor to assist them throughout their training.  A certificate in the study of psychoanalytic psychotherapy is awarded upon completion of the program.  Graduates are eligible to become Psychotherapy Affiliates of the Contemporary Freudian Society.

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