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Candidate Organizations


The PTI of CFS has an active candidate organization. All CFS candidates are members of the Candidate Organization, which meets regularly to share ideas, questions and concerns related to training, as well as plan activities to support professional development and enhance the training experience. The Candidate Organization is led by several candidates designated as the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee coordinates mentoring opportunities between advanced and new candidates, and a Steering Committee member acts as Candidate Liaison to the CFS Board of Directors and the Progression Committee.

For information, please contact Emily Schlesinger, LCSW at in NY and McKenzie Casad at in DC.



The International Psychoanalytical Association also has an active candidate organization, IPSO.

IPSO is an International Psychoanalytic Studies Organization available to candidates who join it. IPSO was formed by candidates for candidates. IPSO has an Executive Committee of elected members candidates from different international regions. The election for the Executive Committee is done every two years at the IPA Congress. The present Executive Committee elected at the Boston IPA/IPSO Congress this July 2015 is as follows:

This is the IPSO ExCom 2015-2017:
President: Holger Himmighoffen (Switzerland)
President Elect: Leonardo Siqueira Araújo (Brazil)
Vice President Europe: Sergio Anastasia (Italy)
Vice President Elect Europe: Nergis Güleç (Turkey)
Vice President North America: Kathryn McCormick (USA)
Vice President Elect North America: Hanna Ratjen (Canada)
Vice President Latin America: Isabel Silveira (Brazil)
Vice President Elect Latin America: Giuliana Rivera (Peru)
Editor: Marielle Kellermann Barbosa (Brazil)
Treasurer: Davide Rosso(Italy)

Carmen Cepeda, LCSW-R, is the CFS Candidate Representative to IPSO and may be reached at for further information.

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