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NY Application and Admission Process


Application and Admission Process


Admissions applications for the Adult Psychoanalytic, Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy as well as our Licensing Program (LP), International Track (TiPIT), and Cyber Lectures (CLiP) can be found below. Inquiries can be made to the NY Chair of Admissions or the Institute Director.

Applicants must complete the application forms, obtain references from three individuals who are familiar with their work, obtain their transcripts, and submit a $50 processing fee. Upon receipt of the complete application materials, two to three interviews will be scheduled with members of the Admissions Committee.

Decisions regarding suitability of the applicant will be made in a timely manner.

Upon acceptance, a tuition deposit of $100 ($1000 for SEVIS applicants) is required to hold the applicants place in the program.

NY Application Forms


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