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Bette Blank, Artistic Narratives, "Sigmund Freud" 2009, oil on linen, 30" x 24"

“Sigmund Freud” © Bette Blank, 2008, Artistic Narratives
“One is not a psychoanalyst, one becomes a psychoanalyst. In the same way that I think you are not a father or a mother, but you become a father or a mother.  It is a long process and an important commitment.”
—Virginia Ungar, President of the International Psychoanalytic Association


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The Anni Bergman Parent-Infant Program

is proud to announce the launch of its website.  To learn about the program’s history, current training programs, outreach projects, and research, please visit us at

The Contemporary Freudian Society

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NEW Integrated Training Program

Our Integrated Training in Psychoanalysis reflects our conviction that exposing all candidates to developmental theory and analytic listening and the possibility of treating all ages will enrich and deepen the competencies of our graduates.  We encourage candidates to treat analytic cases from all age groups in order to become ‘life cycle analysts,’ hence it integrates child and adult psychoanalytic training.  In so doing, it also enables candidate analysts who plan to only treat adults to have a more detailed understanding and ear for hearing the echoes of infant, toddler, latency and adolescent development as it appears in adult psychoanalytic work.
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We are a New York State Education Department approved provide of Continuing Education for Licensed Psychoanalysts and Social Workers


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