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Fellowship Program

A handsome young man sitting down with a friendThe Fellowship Program is designed to provide an exposure to and exploration of psychoanalytic ideas. Through individual meetings with a Mentor and participation in a Fellowship Seminar, Fellows gain an understanding of psychoanalytic concepts as they relate to psychotherapeutic practice as well as to societal and cultural issues. The program is selective, and is open to mental health clinicians and students, educators, researchers and academics.

Fellows are matched with an individual mentor, who will schedule monthly one-to-one meetings. During these meetings, the Mentor and Fellow explore general psychoanalytic theories from a range of viewpoints, and how these theories can be applied to clinical work with various populations. The special interests or expertise of Fellows are strongly considered when Mentors are assigned, and Fellows are encouraged to bring their own questions and topics to the discussions.

The monthly Fellowship Seminar meetings are led by members of the Contemporary Freudian Society. Topics include general aspects of psychoanalytic theory and practice, as well as subjects of special interest to each specific group.

Fellows are also encouraged to attend the Scientific Programs sponsored by the Contemporary Freudian Society and to discuss the content of these meetings with their Mentors.

The Fellowship Program is open to mental health clinicians such as Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Creative Arts Therapists, and Mental Health and Pastoral Counselors, as well as Residents, Interns and graduate students in those fields. Professionals and graduate students in the humanities and social sciences fields are also welcome to apply.

There is no tuition for the Fellowship Program.

Please note that participation in this program is for educational purposes only, and does not lead to a certificate, or provide supervision or credit toward

For more information about admission to the Psychoanalytic Fellowship Program, please contact Christian Churchill, Chair at 646-316-3224 or


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