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Some Thoughts about Robin Holloway's "Asperger's Children: Psychodynamics, Aetiology, Diagnosis and Treatment"
Author(s): Michael Krass
Publisher: Division/Review, no 15, Fall 2016
Publication Year: 2016
Splitting [in those on the autism spectrum] evidences an attempt to articulate the unrepresented experience of neurobiological deficit, particularly a deficit that interferes with, obstructs and distorts contact with the mothering object of early infancy- as well as with all object relations. Splitting for those on the autism spectrum also serves as an attempt to order chaotic sense impressions and inner objects, splitting may be the best an individual with autism can muster given the neurologically-based difficulties reading others and perceiving others, a deficiency that can be hypothesized to have impacted the infant’s apperception of his or her mother’s holding and containing, her good-enoughness.
Selected Essays
Author(s): Román Yumatov
Publisher: Lambert Academic Publishing
Publication Year: 2017
This book represents an attempt at a systematic, critical exploration of male sexualities and gender(ed) identifications through the prism of psychoanalytic theory. Taking Freud's theories and hypotheses as a starting point, the author examines a range of topics, including: male homosexuality, constitutional bisexuality, psychic bisexuality, bisexual object-choice, males' masculine and feminine identifications, intrapsychic conflict in relation to gender expression and psychoanalysis of non-heterosexual males. Post-Freudian (especially, Kleinian) and contemporary psychoanalytic theories are also enquired into, with the view toward theoretical diversity and evolution. By demonstrating that no object-choice is implicitly psychopathological, it is also shown how Freud's original theories may be misinterpreted to come to such a conclusion and therefore misused in a clinical setting, which is harmful to both patients and the psychoanalytic profession. While elucidating a number of theoretical controversies and also suggesting particular modifications, the author consistently argues in favor of relevance of Freud's ideas, with regard to these areas of psychoanalytic theory and practice.
A Psychoanalytic Exploration
Author(s): Román Yumatov
Presentation Year: 2013
Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University (London, U.K.)
Author(s): Román Yumatov
Presentation Year: 2013
American Psychological Association Division of Psychoanalysis (39) 33rd Annual Spring Meeting: Boundaries, Borders, New Frontiers: Global Psychoanalysis in a Social World (Boston, U.S.)
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